Work In The Energy Industry? 3 Ways To Protect Yourself From Workplace Radiation

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If you're exposed to radiation during the course of your workday – even small doses of radiation – you need to make sure you're well protected. This is particularly important if you work in the energy industry, where a good portion of your day may be spent around radiation. Even if you don't work in a field that requires you to wear radiation monitors – devices that measure the amount of radiation you've been exposed to – you still need to be aware of the potential harm that's around you, as well as ways to protect yourself. Here are three things you need to know about protecting yourself from harmful radiation.

Time Limits Matter

Radiation danger is directly related to the amount of time you spend exposed to the source. That means that the threat to your health goes up exponentially for each hour of the workday that you're exposed to radiation. You can help reduce the threat to your safety by limiting the amount of time you're exposed to the radiation. If you can, try to take breaks throughout the day to remove yourself from the area of exposure.

Distance is Important

If you've ever stood next to a campfire, you know that the intensity of the heat decreases the further you move away from the flames. That's the same way it is with radiation. To protect yourself from the hazards of workplace radiation, you should distance yourself from the source. To ensure maximum protection, be sure to familiarize yourself with work site safety precautions. They may specify distance requirements when working in certain areas. 

Shielding is Essential

If it's not possible to limit the time of distance of your exposure to radiation in the workplace, you'll need to rely on nuclear shielding. Radiation shielding provides a safety barrier between you and the radiation. According to research, shielding from radiation exposure can be anything from a plate of window glass to several feet of concrete, depending on the type of radiation being emitted. There are different types of radiation barriers or shields that are effective in different workplace environments. 

If you're going to be working in the energy industry, you need to understand the basics of radiation exposure. The information provided here will help you understand the steps you can take to protect yourself while on the job. If you're uncertain about the safety measures that are implemented at your place of employment, be sure to speak to your site supervisor.


17 May 2016

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